June 15, 2012


 AVMA to strengthen ties with Chinese VMA

Posted on May 30, 2012
The Executive Board has approved a staff exchange between the AVMA and Chinese VMA to foster a closer relationship between the two veterinary organizations.

The plan recommended by the AVMA Committee on International Veterinary Affairs calls for hosting two ChVMA staff members or officers at Association headquarters for two weeks in late 2012. During that period, the Chinese delegation would meet with AVMA personnel to learn about Association operations and governance and possibly attend an Executive Board meeting.

Should the exchange prove fruitful, the committee may propose that two AVMA staff members or officers visit the ChVMA headquarters in 2013.

The CIVA stated in its recommendation that China is important to the world economy, and the committee believes a strong relationship with the ChVMA will assist the AVMA in advancing the quality of animal care throughout Asia and internationally.

At the ChVMA’s invitation, AVMA CEO Ron DeHaven was a guest speaker and provided a plenary welcome at its inaugural meeting in 2009. Since then, the relationship between the AVMA and ChVMA has strengthened. In 2010, then AVMA President Larry M. Kornegay participated in the second ChVMA meeting. The following year, a ChVMA delegation visited AVMA headquarters to discuss association management practices and potential areas for collaboration between the two organizations.

During this meeting, a proposal was broached to conduct staff or officer exchanges between the two organizations so each could gain a better understanding of potential opportunities and challenges. Representatives from the ChVMA were particularly interested in learning more about AVMA operations, in part, to develop ideas on growing their fledgling professional organization.

The CIVA proposal approved by the Executive Board sets aside $5,000 to cover the Chinese delegation’s lodging and food expenses.