February 15, 2012


 AKC solicits research proposals

Posted Feb. 1, 2012

The American Kennel Club's Canine Health Foundation is seeking pre-proposals for its Oak Grant Program to support research on canine health. The submission deadline is March 1.

The CHF is accepting pre-proposals for projects with budgets exceeding $12,000 and a duration of one or two years. The foundation will consider making special dispensations for three-year projects.

The CHF will notify principal investigators in early April of selection decisions. Investigators whose pre-proposals receive approval must submit a full application by May 15. The foundation will approve funding in September.

Investigators may submit research proposals throughout the year for Acorn grants of $12,000 or less for projects of a duration of a year or less. All recipients of CHF funding receive access to the Canine Health Information Center DNA Repository.

Details about CHF grants are available at www.akcchf.org by clicking on "Research" and then clicking on"Apply Now."