October 15, 2011


 Delivery device for feline vaccine poses risk

posted September 28, 2011

The Food and Drug Administration's Center for Veterinary Medicine is warning veterinarians and pet owners of a possible risk of femur fracture in kittens associated with use of the Vet Jet transdermal vaccination system.

Bioject Inc. makes the Vet Jet device as the transdermal delivery system for Merial's Purevax vaccine for feline leukemia.

The FDA is aware of three recent reports of femur fractures in kittens involving use of the Vet Jet device. In two of the cases, the user failed or might have failed to lock the nozzle into the device properly. The nozzle of the device subsequently dislodged at the time of vaccination, causing a fracture of the femur.

Merial is investigating the three cases. The company also is revising the instructions for the Vet Jet device to stress that users need to lock the nozzle into the device securely. In addition, Merial is sending a letter to Vet Jet device users urging them to follow the nozzle-locking procedure carefully.