October 15, 2011


 Make your voice heard

The search is on for nominations to AVMA entities

Posted Sept. 28, 2011

One way that AVMA members can voice their views on veterinary issues is through service on one of the Association's councils, committees, task forces, or other entities.

Entity members provide much-needed expertise and add their insights on matters ranging from veterinary education and economic issues to legislation and animal welfare.

Dr. Ron DeHaven, AVMA CEO and executive vice president, said, "Much of the work of AVMA starts with our committees and councils. Participating on one of these groups provides a great way for a member to have a say and, ultimately, influence the AVMA positions and policies in an area of specific interest to the member. We need the active involvement of our members to ensure that we stay relevant and current in the broad array of issues affecting our profession.

"The time commitment does not have to be significant; indeed, I have never heard a member complain about the time commitment to serve on one of our councils or committees. What I do hear time and again from members is how personally rewarding the experience has been for them—often as they are seeking another volunteer position with AVMA."

Nominations are being sought for 90 vacancies.

The first deadline is for positions on three new key AVMA entities—the Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee, Task Force on Foreign Veterinary School Accreditation, and Task Force on AVMA Governance and Member Participation. The deadline for those nominations is Oct. 31.

Members will be chosen by an appointing body chaired by Executive Board Chair Ted Cohn along with the AVMA president, president-elect, and executive vice president; House Advisory Committee chair; Student AVMA president or designee; and a member chosen by the AVMA Board of Governors and executive vice president to chair the task force or committee. As a member of the appointing body, the entity chair will help select the other members.

The Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee will comprise nine members. This committee is charged with advising the Executive Board on the broad scope of economic issues affecting veterinary medicine and making recommendations on developing strategies to address them.

The Task Force on Foreign Veterinary School Accreditation, composed of 11 members, will evaluate six specific accreditation issues and prepare a written informational report, "without prejudice," for the Executive Board.

The 11 members of the Task Force on AVMA Governance and Member Participation will review and evaluate the governance structure of all AVMA entities, including the Executive Board and House of Delegates, and develop a written report and recommendations for the board.

The Executive Board will fill a variety of committee and trust vacancies at its April 2012 meeting. Nominations are also invited for two Political Action Committee Policy Board members, who will be appointed by the House Advisory Committee at its spring 2012 meeting. Committee and trust nominations must be submitted to the AVMA Office of the Executive Vice President by March 19, 2012.

Committee nominations, unless otherwise noted, may be made by local or state veterinary associations, by allied groups represented in the HOD, or by AVMA members on their own or another's behalf.

The HOD will fill council vacancies when it convenes in August 2012 in San Diego. Council nominations may be made by organizations represented in the AVMA House of Delegates or by petition of 10 voting members.

Nominations for councils must be submitted by April 1, 2012, to the AVMA Office of the Executive Vice President. Nominations for the Council on Education must be submitted by Feb. 1, 2012, so that the Council on Education Candidate Qualification Review Committee may review the nomination materials prior to the HOD election.

Nomination materials for councils, committees, trusts, and task forces, including descriptions of the entities and the open seats, are available at https://www.avma.org/About/Governance/NominationForms/Pages/default.aspx, or by calling AVMA headquarters at (800) 248-2862, Ext. 6605, or emailing OfficeEVP.

In addition to the 90 currently open positions, nominations for 12 previously unfilled vacancies on six AVMA entities were accepted until Oct. 11. The Executive Board will make appointments to those seats in November.