July 15, 2011


 AVMA releases draft revisions to model practice act

Posted June 29, 2011

The next step is for AVMA entities such as councils and committees to provide feedback.

The AVMA first adopted a model practice act in 1964 to serve as a set of guiding principles for state regulation of the practice of veterinary medicine. The most recent major revisions were in 2003.

Last year, the AVMA Executive Board established a task force to review the model practice act. Early this year, the task force invited AVMA members and nonmembers to submit comments on potential changes.

The task force received nearly 1,000 comments on the model practice act. Nonmembers submitted about 70 percent of the comments, and 10 percent of all the comments came from organizations rather than individuals.

The sections attracting the most comments were Section 2—Definitions, especially "complementary, alternative, and integrative therapies" and "practice of veterinary medicine"; Section 6—Exemptions; the preamble; and Section 3—Board of Veterinary Medicine.

The task force met in May to consider the comments and issue a first draft of potential revisions to the model practice act (see sidebar).

AVMA entities may provide feedback on the draft revisions to the model practice act until Sept. 9. The AVMA House of Delegates is scheduled to discuss the revisions during its regular annual session this month.

The task force plans to submit a final draft of potential revisions to the board in November.