July 01, 2011


 Community Accolades

Posted June 15, 2011


Dr. Hill
Dr. Richard C. Hill

Dr. Wei
Alfreda Wei, PhD

The American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition and Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition handed out the 2011 AAVN/Waltham Research Awards totaling nearly $40,000 in funding.

Dr. Richard C. Hill (CAM '80) received one of the grants for his study "Energy expenditure of dogs exercising on an underwater treadmill compared to that on a dry treadmill." He is the Waltham associate professor of small animal internal medicine and clinical nutrition at the University of Florida-Gainesville. Dr. Hill's study will be using indirect calorimetry to evaluate energy expenditure in student- and faculty-owned dogs, using both dry and underwater treadmills at various speeds and water depths.

Alfreda Wei, PhD, received the other grant for her study "Effects of water content in canned foods on energy balance and weight loss in obese cats." She works in the Department of Environmental Toxicology at the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Her study will be examining the effects of canned food versus freeze-dried, manipulated canned food with only 10 percent moisture on weight loss in colony cats.