February 01, 2011


 AVMA asks members for input on strategic goals

Posted Jan. 15, 2011

The AVMA is soliciting member feedback on draft strategic goals for the Association's next strategic plan to address critical issues facing the veterinary profession.

The preliminary goals cover the areas of animal welfare, veterinary education, practice profitability and financial well-being, the veterinary workforce, science and discovery, and oversight of veterinary procedures.

"For our AVMA strategic goals to stay relevant, regular reviews and updates are mandatory, and input from our members is essential," said Dr. Larry M. Kornegay, president of the Association. "It's the nature of these goals that being strategic and having vision makes them a moving target. That means it's critical we continually update, modernize, and make them relevant to current situations.

"Three years ago, the economy was great. Now it's not so great, and that has affected how the AVMA prioritizes our goals. The economy is just one example of how change affects goal setting."

The Executive Board appointed the AVMA Strategic Planning Task Force this past August to develop the next strategic plan for the Association. The task force formulated preliminary strategic goals after compiling input on critical professional issues from a number of sources—including the AVMA House of Delegates, volunteers on other AVMA entities, and the general membership of the AVMA.

The task force presented the preliminary goals to the board in November and the HOD in January, then opened the comment period for the general membership.

In April, the task force will present a first draft of a strategic plan to the board for feedback. The board will vote on a final draft of the plan in June.

The preliminary strategic goals are available for AVMA members to review at www.avma.org/about_avma by clicking on "Strategic planning" under "Governance." Members may submit comments by e-mail through Feb. 14.