January 15, 2011


 AVMA supports antimicrobial development project

Posted Jan. 1, 2011 

The AVMA joined an effort to create incentives for development of new antimicrobials within the next decade.

On Nov. 19, the Executive Board endorsed an initiative of the Infectious Diseases Society of America to support development of 10 new systemic antimicrobial drugs by 2020. The 10 x '20 Initiative is intended to combat the rising number of drug-resistant infections and the resulting increase in morbidity and mortality rates by "bringing together global political, scientific, industry, economic, intellectual property, policy, medical, and philanthropic leaders to develop creative incentives that will stimulate new antibacterial research and development," according to a statement from the IDSA.

A policy statement from the IDSA expresses concern that current antimicrobial development could be insufficient to counteract the increase in the prevalence of drug-resistant infections. Information provided to the Executive Board indicates participation could help ensure the availability of drugs for use in humans and animals.

The AVMA is among more than 20 medical organizations that have endorsed the plan and at least 27 organizations overall.