December 01, 2010


 HOD voting results could be headed online

Posted Nov. 18, 2010

Greater transparency, not complexity, the Arizona VMA says, is the impetus behind a resolution it submitted to the AVMA House of Delegates for consideration during the regular winter session in January in Chicago.

The state association submitted Resolution 3, which directs the House Advisory Committee to change the voting procedures in the HOD Manual. If the resolution were approved, all main motions and elections would be by open electronic ballot. Plus, the results of these votes would be posted on the AVMA website for the membership to view.

Currently, only the vote tally is revealed at the meeting, not how each delegate voted. Individual votes are considered confidential.

In the recommendation's background, the Arizona VMA wrote: "The votes we cast should be available for the members we represent to review and to comment upon if desired. With this action the House of Delegates will be taking a proactive step in creating a more open decision-making process. … The intent of this resolution is to encourage a more open and transparent process, not to increase its complexity."

The resolution would affect electronic votes, not voice votes. Oftentimes, the most substantive votes are taken as electronic votes, according to the manual.