December 01, 2010


 AVMA calls on members to celebrate profession's history

Posted Nov. 18, 2010

The AVMA Executive Board has submitted a resolution to the House of Delegates in recognition of World Veterinary Year in 2011. The HOD will consider Resolution 2 at its regular winter session this January in Chicago. The House Advisory Committee has recommended approval of this resolution.

In the document, the board also asks veterinarians to commemorate the founding of the first veterinary school, in Lyon, France, in 1761 with activities that bring attention to the contributions the veterinary profession has made to society and animals.

The text of the resolution and an accompanying statement from the board appear on this page.

Resolution 2 - 2011 Regular Winter Session

Submitted by AVMA Executive Board


Resolved, that the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), in recognition of the 250th anniversary of the veterinary profession, call upon Association leaders and members to join colleagues from around the world to celebrate 2011 as "World Veterinary Year" with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities to bring attention to the contributions the veterinary profession has made and continues to make to animal health, public health, animal welfare, and food safety.

Statement about the Resolution

The world's first veterinary school was founded in Lyon, France in 1761, which makes 2011 the 250th anniversary of not only veterinary education, but also the 250th anniversary of the veterinary medical profession and comparative biopathology, a basic tenet of the "one health" concept.

As such, it is appropriate to designate 2011 as ''World Veterinary Year'' to bring attention to and show appreciation for the many contributions the veterinary profession has made during its 250 year history, including:

  • playing a role in the discovery of the causes of numerous diseases that affect people around the world, such as salmonellosis, West Nile Virus, yellow fever, and malaria;
  • providing valuable public health service through preventive medicine, control of zoonotic diseases, and scientific research;
  • advancing human and animal health by inventing and refining techniques and instrumentations such as artificial hips, bone plates, splints, and arthroscopy;
  • protecting the quality and security of the global food supply;
  • providing crucial assistance to the agricultural independence of developing nations around the world;
  • providing public health service and veterinary medical support to animals and humans displaced and ravaged by disasters; and
  • preserving the human-animal bond and promoting the highest standards of science-based, ethical animal welfare.

The AVMA represents the United States on the Executive Committee of Vet2011—the organization headquartered in France coordinating World Veterinary Year events around the globe—and is leading U.S. initiatives during this important celebratory year. These initiatives include support of a recently passed US Senate resolution declaring 2011 as "World Veterinary Year" and a similar resolution under consideration by the US House of Representatives.

Therefore, it is entirely fitting that the AVMA adopt its own resolution in celebration of World Veterinary Year and the 250th anniversary of our profession.