November 01, 2010


 Senate passes World Veterinary Year resolution

Posted Oct. 18, 2010 

The Senate passed a resolution Sept. 23 marking the upcoming 250th anniversary of veterinary medicine by proclaiming 2011 as World Veterinary Year.

Dr. John Ensign of Nevada introduced the Senate resolution, which acknowledges the important role veterinarians have played in society since the world's first veterinary school was established in Lyon, France, in 1761.

"From taking care of our beloved pets to ensuring the safety of the food we eat and working with our Armed Forces to help countries establish healthy productive agricultural systems, American veterinarians here and abroad serve the American public," said AVMA President Larry R. Kornegay. "I would like to thank the United States Senate for recognizing this important link and passing this resolution."

A similar measure has been proposed in the House of Representatives by another veterinarian, Dr. Kurt Schrader of Oregon.

The slogan for World Veterinary Year is "Vet for health, Vet for food, Vet for the Planet!" suggested by Dr. Jacques Bruhlet of the General Council of Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas within the French Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing.

The AVMA is working with foreign colleagues on plans to commemorate the anniversary. Veterinary organizations in 78 countries are expected to observe the 2011 milestone with special events throughout the year.

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