September 15, 2010


 Board appoints liaisons, representatives to committees

Posting Sept. 1, 2010
The AVMA Executive Board, meeting July 28 in Atlanta, named the following individuals to the entities indicated, representing the designated areas. The duration of each term varies.  

Animal Welfare Committee

American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners alternate—Dr. Susan B. Harper, Shepherdstown, W.Va.; zoo and wildlife medicine—Dr. David S. Miller, Loveland, Colo.; zoo and wildlife medicine alternate—Dr. Thomas P. Meehan, La Grange, Ill.  

Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Committee

State or federal regulatory veterinary medicine—Dr. Myron J. Kebus, Madison, Wis.  

Member Services Committee

Academic veterinary medicine—Dr. Willie M. Reed, West Lafayette, Ind.  

State Advocacy Committee

Area 3, Western states—Dr. Richard J. Sullivan, Torrance, Calif.; House of Delegates—Dr. James M. Weber Jr., Alexandria, Ky. 

Council on Education Candidate Qualifications Review Committee 

Executive Board—Dr. Janver D. Krehbiel, Mason, Mich.

Pan-American Association of Veterinary Sciences

AVMA—Dr. Theresa M. Bernardo, East Lansing, Mich.