September 15, 2010


 The votes are in for AVMA councils and HAC

Posted Sept. 1, 2010

In Atlanta, the House of Delegates filled vacancies on AVMA concils and the House Advisory Committee. The results are as follows.  

Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents

Dr. Ernest R. Rogers, Maplewood, N.J., representing immunology; and Dr. Michael J. Hodgman, Zumbrota, Minn., representing members-at-large  

Council on Education

Dr. Ronald E. Gill, West Salem, Ill., representing private mixed clinical practice; and Dr. John R. Pascoe, Davis, Calif., representing postgraduate education   

Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Brant Schumaker, Davis, Calif., representing members-at-large; and Dr. Adam J. Langer, Atlanta, representing public health agencies or the armed forces  

Council on Research

Drs. Peter Muir, Madison, Wis., and Thomas J. Rosol, Columbus, Ohio, both representing veterinary medical research, predominantly engaged in active research at the time of the election   

Council on Veterinary Service

Dr. Karen L. Rosenthal, Philadelphia, representing members-at-large; and Dr. Nancy E. Turner, Dallas, representing recent graduates   

Judicial Council

Dr. H. Michael Chaddock, Washington, D.C., representing members-at-large  

House Advisory Committee 

Dr. Karen M. Bradley, alternate delegate from Vermont, representing members-at-large; Dr. David A. Prigel, delegate from Missouri, representing private practice, mixed; and Dr. Barbara A. Schmidt, delegate from Kentucky, representing private practice, predominantly equine