July 15, 2010


 Alpharma offers free webinar on anaplasmosis

Posted July 1, 2010

Alpharma Animal Health has released a free webinar on the current status of anaplasmosis in cattle in the United States.

The webinar features Drs. Johann F. Coetzee of Kansas State University and Dennis E. Hausmann of Alpharma, who have extensive experience managing the disease and incorporating new strategies for diagnosis and control.

Veterinarians may earn one hour of continuing education credit for the webinar, available on an ongoing basis at http://alpharmawebinar.vetlearn.com. Alpharma encourages producers and other stakeholders in the cattle industry to participate.

The Beef 2007-2008 study by the Department of Agriculture's National Animal Health Monitoring System found that only 16.2 percent of producers at cow-calf operations said they are fairly knowledgeable about anaplasmosis, while 13.7 percent know some basics about the disease. Another 22.9 percent said they recognized the name, but not much else, and 47.2 percent had not heard of the disease before.