July 01, 2010

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 AVMF has strong year

posted June 18, 2010

The numbers are in for the American Veterinary Medical Foundation's 2009 budget and it looks like the charity had a banner year for fundraising.

The Foundation garnered a total of $940,128 in donations, an increase of $216,541 from the previous year, according to a recently completed audit.

Program grants distributed in 2009 totaled $221,300, which was a $129,309 decrease from 2008.

A few factors contributed to the decrease in program spending, said Michael Cathey, AVMF executive director, including the fact that 2009 was a fairly calm year as it related to disasters, resulting in less funding distribution in that category.

In addition, the Foundation intended 2009 to be a rebuilding year for fund development, Cathey said.

The AVMF is already on track to noticeably increase its program spending this year by hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example, $215,000 will be distributed this year for the AVMA/AVMF Food Animal Veterinary Recruitment and Retention program.

In 2010, the Foundation partnered with Pfizer Animal Health to provide $555,000 in grants as part of the Veterinary Student Scholarship Program to 222 second- and third-year veterinary students representing all 28 U.S. schools and colleges of veterinary medicine.

The accompanying pie charts depict the revenues and expenses of the AVMF from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2009.

pie charts