June 01, 2010


 Nominations sought for PANVET position

Posted May 18, 2010

The AVMA Executive Board approved the Committee on International Veterinary Affairs' recommendation to nominate an AVMA member for potential election to the Pan-American Association of Veterinary Sciences Directive Council.

PANVET membership includes veterinary associations in North America, Central America, and South America. The AVMA initially joined PANVET in the early 1970s, discontinued its membership in 1984, and rejoined the group in 2004 in recognition of the AVMA's commitment to international involvement in veterinary medicine. 

The Pan-American Association of Veterinary
Sciences, which includes members from
North America, South America, and
Central America, will hold its next meeting in
Lima, Peru.

The CIVA noted in its recommendation background that having a representative on PANVET's directive council would allow the AVMA to create stronger alliances among close neighbors on issues affecting not only AVMA members but also other veterinarians around the globe. Such issues with potential global impact include veterinary medical education standards, animal welfare standards, and assurance of food safety.

PANVET holds a congress every other year. Similar to the AVMA Annual Convention, its primary purpose is to provide continuing education. The most recent PANVET congress was held in October 2008 in Guadalajara, Mexico; the next congress is scheduled for this September in Lima, Peru. For more information, visit www.panvet2010.org/index.html.

PANVET's Directive Council has responsibilities similar to those of the AVMA Executive Board. The council meets yearly, with members elected by PANVET to serve renewable two-year terms.

The AVMA is now calling for nominations for a candidate. The deadline is June 15. The candidate will likely be selected at the July board meeting. For a nomination form and complete requirements for this position, visit www.avma.org/about_avma/governance/volunteering/vacancies.asp.