February 01, 2010


 New strategic priorities guide AVMF

Posted Jan. 18, 2010

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation has entered 2010 with a renewed focus.

Since this past May, the Foundation has been working on a strategic priorities project to guide its current and future activities. The document, which revises the former AVMF strategic plan, was completed in December 2009.AVMF

The resulting strategic priorities are as follows:

  • Support the AVMA and its initiatives.
  • Humane outreach/animal welfare.
  • Education and public awareness.
  • Research support.
  • Scholastic enhancement.

The Foundation and the AVMA made progress on the first strategic priority at the AVMA Executive Board meeting Nov. 19-21, 2009. There, the board was presented with "Integration Planning: A Framework for Success."

The document, created at the AVMA Executive Board's request by a six-member staff team, outlined a vision and framework for integrating the strategic and operational goals of the AVMA and AVMF. The document had already been accepted by the AVMF board of directors.

The Executive Board accepted the framework document Nov. 21 at its meeting while also greenlighting the initiation of a new agreement between the two entities that would clearly outline the roles and expectations of the Association and Foundation. The agreement is expected to be completed later this year.

As for the remaining four strategic priorities, the AVMF will continue to build on its existing funding for emergency animal response organizations and disaster relief efforts, animal health studies, and scholarships for veterinary students.

The Foundation announced just this past fall one of its biggest awards to date for scholastic enhancement. In partnership with Pfizer, the AVMF will administer $2,500 scholarships to more than 225 veterinary students studying at AVMA-accredited schools in the United States. In all, $2 million will be granted over three years, starting this spring.

Another component of the Foundation's strategic plan is a set of core competencies. They are as follows:

  • Maintaining proficiency in financial resource procurement and allocation.
  • Serving as a voice for humane animal care.
  • Balancing changing societal perceptions with the benefits of animal ownership and utilization.
  • Enlightening animal owners about the benefits of responsible care, including appropriate veterinary medical care.
  • Adhering to the highest standards of foundation management.

Finally, the strategic plan noted five key services the AVMF provides, which are 100 percent tax deductibility for individual donors, a donor management system and administration expertise, gifting/grant procedures, estate planning and endowment development, and a vehicle for volunteer engagement.