November 01, 2009


 AVMA headquarters earns Energy Star

Posted October 17, 2009

The AVMA headquarters building in Schaumburg, Ill., has earned the Energy Star for energy efficiency from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The AVMA building ranks in the 97th percentile for low energy use per square foot per year in comparison with other office buildings across the country with similar weather conditions, occupancy rates, and other operational characteristics. A building in the 75th percentile or higher is eligible for the Energy Star.

Kim Michael-Lee, director of the AVMA Finance and Business Services Division, said earning the Energy Star demonstrates the Association's commitment to environmental stewardship. She said the AVMA has made various changes during recent remodeling work at headquarters to improve the building's energy performance, such as phasing in lighting fixtures that are more energy-efficient.

In addition to office buildings, a variety of other commercial buildings as well as manufacturing plants can earn an Energy Star. The EPA has created a category for medical offices, including physicians' and dentists' offices, but has not created a category for veterinary clinics.

The EPA introduced the Energy Star labeling program in 1992 as a voluntary partnership to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions through energy efficiency. The label now appears on more than 50 types of products, many new homes, and thousands of commercial and industrial buildings. Additional information is available at