September 15, 2009


 Seattle snapshots

Posted Sept. 1, 2009

Seattle snapshots 1-6
Seattle snapshots 7-10
  1. At the Fort Dodge Comedy Kickoff, comedian John Pinette jokes about his disdain for hiking and slow fast-food customers.
  2. The exhibit hall showcases industry partners and nonprofit organizations.
  3. The AVMA Member Services Booth has all the answers.
  4. Dr. Larry R. Corry, AVMA president, confers a diploma and a hearty handshake on graduation from FutureVet Camp.
  5. The Bayer Bash offers an opportunity to eat, drink, and mingle.
  6. Natasha Bedingfield rocks the Merial Concert Series at Seattle's historic Paramount Theatre.
  7. What better way to pass the time in line than by reading the daily convention newspaper!
  8. Intense concentration is necessary during an interactive lab on head and neck surgery.
  9. Flip charts: $30. Magic Marker: $1.49. Knowledge imparted: Priceless!
  10. During another interactive lab, Striker and human assistant demonstrate the use of a ball for physical rehabilitation.