August 01, 2009


 AVMAPAC clarifies changes to grassroots network

Posted July 18, 2009

The AVMA policy "Congressional Action" has been renamed "Congressional Advocacy Network" and wording has been updated to reflect the changes made to the grassroots network in the past year.

AVMA Congressional Advocacy NetworkThe Executive Board approved the AVMA Political Action Committee Policy Board's recommendation during its June meeting.

The new wording indicates that the AVMA will identify veterinarians willing to participate in the Congressional Advocacy Network in each of the 435 congressional districts and makes clear that recruitment will occur on an ongoing basis, not just at the start of each new congressional session.

Board also members removed limitations on how many total years a member of the AVMA Political Action Committee Policy Board may serve.

Since 1980, a member has been limited to serving no more than three full terms, or six years, during his or her lifetime. AVMAPAC Policy Board members felt that the lifetime limitation may limit qualified candidates. The recommendation's background noted that AVMA councils and committees do not have similar lifetime limitations.

In other action, the board rescinded the AVMA policy "Political Contact Advisors and Information Sources" because the changes to the AVMA-CAN policy made this one redundant.