July 15, 2009


 Scholarship fund to support future bovine veterinarians

Posted July 1, 2009

A scholarship initiative is expected to support the educations of veterinary medical students and others who will contribute to the beef industry.

The National Cattlemen's Foundation launched in May the Bright Futures Scholarship Initiative, which will use an endowed general scholarship fund to support students in undergraduate and graduate programs related to the beef industry. The organizers hope to raise several million dollars for the fund.

Bob Josserand, chair of the foundation's board of trustees, said in a press release that gifts to the scholarship fund will help ensure bright futures for students working toward careers in the U.S. beef industry and preserve the beef industry's legacy.

"We will be facing a crisis within the next decade if we don't act now to help young people turn their passion for agriculture into a viable career," Josserand said. "We cannot afford to lose them to another industry because they couldn't afford to follow their heart into the beef industry."

For more information, go to www.nationalcattlemensfoundation.org or call (303) 694-0305.