April 15, 2009


 Videos to help veterinarians identify and fight avian disease

Posted April 1, 2009
A collection of multimedia resources is intended to help domestic and foreign veterinarians with diagnosis and management of avian disease.

Dr. Jodi A. Korich, director of the Partners in Animal Health program at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, said those resources include instructional videos and an interactive diagnostic tool that are available through the program's Web site. They were developed with foreign and domestic veterinarians in mind, and they contain information about avian necropsy, diagnostic sample collection, and disease identification.

The instructional materials will also be used by the Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service to support veterinarians in developing nations in Asia, western Africa, and the Middle East.

Dr. Alfonso Torres, former U.S. chief veterinary officer and the associate dean of public policy at the Cornell veterinary college, said in a press release the instructional videos and diagnostic tools can ensure veterinarians quickly have information they need when dealing with highly contagious poultry diseases.

"It is imperative that professionals have immediate access to the most current thinking and to resources with the power to enable them to stop the spread of disease," Dr. Torres said.

The series, "Poultry Examination and Diagnostics," was developed by Cornell faculty and the USDA.

The videos can be viewed for free at www.partnersah.vet.cornell.edu or purchased on a 3-DVD set.