April 15, 2009


 Audin proclaimed editor-in-chief emeritus - April 15, 2009


posted April 1, 2009

Whereas the members of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the veterinary medical profession are admirably served by Dr. Janis H. Audin and her remarkable talent; and

Whereas the staff of the AVMA is inspired and impressed by her ability to lead by example, her loyalty and friendship, her quiet dignity, and her grace under pressure; and

Whereas Dr. Audin's tenure as director of the Publications Division and editor-in-chief for 14 years has been marked by outstanding success and divisional growth; and

Whereas her unwavering dedication to excellence in scientific journalism serves as an illustration to others; and

Whereas the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Journal of Veterinary Research are preeminent publications owing to her outstanding leadership, judgment, and guidance.

Now, therefore, let it be known that Dr. Janis H. Audin holds the title of editor-in-chief emeritus.

Dr. Janis H. Audin, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

AVMA CEO W. Ron DeHaven has conferred a singular title of distinction on an esteemed staff member, Dr. Janis H. Audin, naming her editor-in-chief emeritus March 23. To celebrate her new stature, the Executive Board approved publication of a proclamation expressing their gratitude for Dr. Audin's service to the AVMA.

Dr. Audin served as AVMA editor-in-chief and director of the Publications Division since April 15, 1995, and as an editor beginning in 1985.

"This distinction is truly an honor, one I appreciate especially because it allows me to continue contributing to our staff effort to ensure the high quality and world class of the AVMA scientific journals," Dr. Audin said.

"I've considered myself an editor-in-chief in transition ever since I stepped into the position in 1995. Initially we expanded the journal format from print only to AVMA Journals Online. Then we began repurposing journal content into features such as the AVMA Collections compilations, and recently we launched the AVMA Ed online learning courses. Remaining on as editor-in-chief emeritus will help me continue working on those transitions."

Dr. DeHaven said, "As Dr. Audin transitions into her role as the AVMA's first editor-in-chief emeritus, the Association takes joy in celebrating this tribute and the lasting imprint she has already made. The leadership, counsel, and friendship of this gifted veterinarian and exceptional person have touched not only staff and veterinary leaders but also circles beyond the profession.

"The Association will begin a nationwide search for Dr. Audin's successor. Associate Editor Kurt J. Matushek has been appointed interim division director.

Dr. Audin came to the AVMA 24 years ago with her DVM degree from the University of Illinois, class of 1979. Later, as incoming editor-in-chief, she set out to leverage leading print and electronic technologies, create varied information formats for the journal audiences, and enhance journal content, initiating practice-relevant features in areas such as dentistry and anesthesiology.

She has worked to broaden the journals' global reach while upholding the highest standards for veterinary publishing and humane treatment of animals.

As a division director, Dr. Audin embraced advanced technology. While still an editor, she led the conversion to desktop publishing. In recent years, ad revenue dramatically increased under her leadership, generating substantial nondues revenue. During the current economic downturn, she has investigated alternatives such as online advertising to offset AVMA revenue declines.

Dr. Audin has served on numerous committees ranging from strategic planning to headquarters renovations to internal communications. She was a consultant to the Executive Board task force that helped develop the AVMA Bylaws adopted in 2006.

In the Publications Division, Dr. Audin has mentored many veterinarians as editors of the AVMA scientific journals, along with copy editors, designers, and members of the news, production, and advertising staffs. She has set standards of excellence for the division, encouraging her staff to provide innovative ideas and stay dynamic.

"Like the front cover of this issue, Dr. Audin has been the face of JAVMA for quite some time. Her guidance and leadership have enhanced the scope of the Publications Division and fostered the growth of the preeminent veterinary journals in the world," said Nick DeLuca, production manager and an assistant director of the division.

"Her ascent to editor-in-chief emeritus is a tribute to everything she has done as a mentor, and this will enable her to continue to put her fingerprint on the future of the division she cares so much about."