March 15, 2009


 World Veterinary Day, award will focus on livestock theme in 2009

Posted March 1, 2009

World Veterinary Day, the last Saturday of April, is an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of veterinarians to society. Every year, the AVMA promotes the event to the press and public while encouraging U.S. veterinary groups to mark the occasion.

In 2009, World Veterinary Day will fall on April 25. The theme for the year is "Veterinarians and livestock farmers, a winning partnership."World Veterinary Day

The World Veterinary Association established World Veterinary Day in 2000. The WVA partnered with the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) last year in creating the World Veterinary Day Award to reward the most successful celebration of the profession by national veterinary associations alone or in cooperation with other veterinary groups.

The Kenya Veterinary Association won the $1,000 award in 2008.

"I am happy to say that the Kenya Veterinary Association best met the criteria of the award by celebrating the diversity of the profession with excellent coverage of different subjects such as the regulatory aspects of the profession, clinical and rural practice, wildlife, food safety, food security, animal health, and animal welfare," said Dr. Leon H. Russell, then WVA president, during the award ceremony at the 29th World Veterinary Congress last July in Vancouver.

The 2009 award will recognize the national veterinary association that best publicizes this year's theme by involving livestock farmers in World Veterinary Day, along with other stakeholders such as the media and general public.