January 01, 2009


 Performance of AVMA entities evaluated

Posted Dec. 15, 2008

The AVMA Governance Performance Review Committee made several recommendations to the Executive Board about continuance or changes to various AVMA entities after conducting scheduled performance evaluations.

Continuation of the following entities was recommended by the committee and approved by the board: American Board of Veterinary Specialties, Member Services Committee, and Veterinary Leadership Conference Planning Committee.

The board approved continuation of the Clinical Practitioners Advisory Committee, with a performance evaluation in 2009; and the Committee on the Human-Animal Bond, with a performance evaluation in 2012. The board approved changing the scheduled performance evaluation of the Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents from 2010 to 2009.

The board referred to the Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Committee the GPRC recommendation to continue the AqVMC with modifications to its structure. The GPRC favors discontinuing the nonveterinarian aquaculture representation and reclassifying the position to a veterinarian with expertise in the aquaculture industry.

As reported in the Dec. 15, 2008, JAVMA, the board also approved initiating AVMA Bylaws amendments to sunset the Council on Communications (see story) and to change the AVMA vice president's term from one year to a single two-year term (see story).