January 01, 2009


 Economic resolution to be implemented, policy on AVMA elections revised

Posted Dec. 15, 2008

The Executive Board approved a recommendation from Dr. Gary Bullard, chair of the House Advisory Committee, implementing a resolution regarding the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues passed by the House of Delegates in July 2008.

The proposal states the board will encourage the NCVEI to study economic factors affecting veterinarians in federal and state public practice and academia, including salaries and benefits, recruitment, retention, and professional opportunities; evaluate how these factors compare with allied health professions, and how these factors affect allied professions; and make recommendations on how to close any gaps that currently exist and to prevent gaps from growing with time.

The resolution the HOD passed in July was worded in such a way as to require additional action by the board to implement the resolution, which Dr. Bullard's recommendation addressed.

Also approved by the board was an updated Policy on Rules for AVMA Officers Election Campaigns recommended by the HAC. The revised portions of the policy read as follows:

B. Eligibility: The House Advisory Committee shall verify the eligibility of candidates, who must submit their resumes prior to the meeting of the House Advisory Committee preceding the Annual Meeting at which the candidacy will be officially announced. Candidates shall:

1. Be a voting member of the AVMA continuously for at least 10 continuous years immediately prior to their election.

2. Have a background of at least:
a. One term on the Executive Board, or
b. One full term on a council or two full terms on an AVMA committee, or
c. Four years as a delegate or alternate delegate to the AVMA House of Delegates, or
d. Extensive experience in a Principal Veterinary Organization, Constituent Allied Veterinary Organization, or regional veterinary medical association.

D. Candidates for AVMA office are encouraged to conduct their campaigns at the highest level of professional ethics and are subject to the following stated conditions for travel and expenses:

1. To encourage all candidates to reach all of the Principal Veterinary Organization and Constituent Allied Veterinary Organization officers and delegates, a general session of the Veterinary Leadership Conference will include an opportunity for each officer candidate to speak to the general session.

2. Travel reimbursed by the AVMA on the same basis as delegates.
a. AVMA Leadership Conference and HOD Regular Winter Session
b. AVMA Regular Annual Session - at which the candidate will present an introductory speech at the Candidates' Introductory Breakfast.