July 15, 2008


 Council on Education accredits Irish school, limits status of three colleges

Posted July 1, 2008 

The AVMA Council on Education recently granted full accreditation to an Irish veterinary school and moved three U.S. veterinary colleges to limited accreditation status.

The COE granted full accreditation for the first time to the veterinary school at the University College Dublin in Ireland. Veterinary schools in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, and the Netherlands previously have earned full AVMA accreditation.

Following a report of evaluation, the council moved Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine from provisional to limited accreditation. As a new program, the WesternU veterinary college had operated under provisional accreditation since 2003.

On the basis of interim reports, the council moved the Louisiana State University and Tuskegee University veterinary schools from full to limited accreditation.

Veterinary colleges on limited accreditation must correct one or more specific deficiencies within two years, unless the COE allows an extension. Accreditation reports are confidential, although colleges can choose to share information from evaluations.

Dr. Phillip D. Nelson, dean of the WesternU veterinary college, said the COE found some deficiencies in the developing program's facilities, faculty, and research.

"Deficiencies were noted in some off-campus facilities with regards to isolation procedures, general safety, radiation safety, and pharmacy procedures," Dr. Nelson said. "The council has suggested we moderately increase our faculty and staff numbers. ... The anticipated growth in faculty numbers will better position the college to continue its development of research."

The COE granted continued full accreditation to the remainder of the U.S. veterinary colleges. Canada's University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, opening this fall, received a letter of reasonable assurance from the council—which can be a step toward provisional accreditation. The other Canadian veterinary colleges received continued full accreditation.