June 01, 2008


 Legislative watch program debuts

Posted May 15, 2008

The AVMA recently launched Vocus, an online legislative watch and public relations program, to help members of the AVMA Congressional Action Network monitor legislation and work with their local legislators.

The goal of AVMA-CAN is to create a network of politically active member veterinarians in every legislative district across the country. The network of members keeps their senators and representatives up to date on AVMA policies, background information, and educational tools. Vocus will help keep AVMA-CAN members connected.

"Just last year, the Association reinvigorated AVMA-CAN, beginning a new, concerted grassroots political outreach effort," said Christine Baker, AVMA Political Action Committee and grassroots manager. "By linking AVMA-CAN members through Vocus, we hope to see a truly active network of committed individuals who are willing to advocate for issues of importance to the veterinary profession on the federal level."

Vocus offers AVMA-CAN members up-to-date information on AVMA's legislative agenda, the practice of veterinary medicine, and which decision-makers are influencing the profession. It is hoped that members of the AVMA-CAN will, on a continuing basis, contact their representatives through the Vocus system and let the voice of the profession be heard. The system can also be used to contact national and local media and bloggers.

For more information or to become a member of the AVMA-CAN, contact Christine Baker by phone, (202) 289-3206, or e-mail, cbaker@avma.org.