June 01, 2008


 Amendment would allow HOD to fill council vacancies twice a year

Posted May 15, 2008

A proposed amendment to the AVMA Bylaws would permit the election of council members during the regular winter session of the House of Delegates.

The House Advisory Committee submitted the amendment to allow the HOD to fill unexpected vacancies on AVMA councils in a timely fashion. Currently, the wording of the bylaws restricts election of council members to the regular annual session held in conjunction with the Association's annual convention.

The HOD will vote on the amendment (see text below) when delegates convene in New Orleans next month.

Proposed Amendment to the AVMA Bylaws

In compliance with Bylaws Article XV, the following amendment is submitted. Type that has a continuous line through it is proposed for deletion. Proposed new wording is underlined. The 2007 AVMA Bylaws are published in the 2008 AVMA Directory and Resource Manual on pages 27-40.

1 Amend Bylaws Article VIII—Committees/Councils/Task Forces, Section 2—Councils, subsection k—Elections, to permit election of council members during both regular sessions of the House of Delegates.

Present and Proposed Wording

Section 2. Councils.

k. Elections.

  1. The House of Delegates shall elect members to fill vacancies on the various councils at its annual regular sessions from amongst the slate of candidates presented by the Executive Board and any nominations made from the floor. Additional council members may be appointed pursuant to the Manual of the House of Delegates.
  2. Council members shall take their position immediately following the annual session of the House of Delegates at which they are elected.