April 15, 2008


 Animal rescue league to establish Center for Shelter Dogs

Posted April 1, 2008

The Animal Rescue League of Boston has received a $3 million grant from the Stanton Foundation, allowing the organization to establish its Center for Shelter Dogs.

The center's purpose will be to provide humane organizations, animal control facilities, and rescue groups with a model to improve the welfare and eventual placement of homeless dogs.

The center will seek to improve the screening, evaluation, and resolution of dog behavior problems; increase understanding of the effects of homelessness, the shelter environment, and rehoming on dog behavior; develop better methods of evaluating and mitigating stress in the shelter environment; develop better strategies for matching dogs with prospective adopters; and implement long-term follow-up programs to help validate assessments in the shelter environment and smooth the transition to an adoptive home.

The center also will examine alternative approaches for homeless dogs, such as in-home rehabilitation programs. Dr. Amy R. Marder will serve as the center's director. Dr. Gary J. Patronek, the rescue league's vice president for animal welfare, said the center's efforts will extend beyond animal behavior to incorporate clinical medicine and epidemiology.

The Stanton Foundation was created upon the death of Frank Stanton, PhD, longtime CBS president.