April 01, 2008


 AVMA Answers: AVMA Collections

Posted March 15, 2008 

Tell us about the new monograph series from the AVMA.  

Dr. Althea A. Jones,  AVMA online professional services editor, responds: 

Our new monograph series, AVMA Collections, makes its debut on the AVMA Web site April 1. This online-only publication is designed to help busy practitioners locate and put to use the best information from the AVMA scientific journals and to do this as efficiently as possible.

Collections is a series of single-topic compilations of articles from the AVMA scientific journals, JAVMA and AJVR. In preparing a collection, our journal editors carefully select articles that are having the greatest impact on our profession and will provide maximum immediate benefit to our readers.  

What prompted the creation of AVMA Collections?

Actually, our readers did. We conduct readership surveys regularly, and in recent surveys, a couple of messages came through loud and clear. First, readers responded that the AVMA scientific journals contain the most trusted, respected scientific content in our profession. Of course we were happy to hear that. But a second message told us we had some work to do; readers need our content to be more directly useful, easier to apply to their daily challenges. We developed Collections to help fill that need.

We recognize, for example, that JAVMA content can be heavy reading material. On one hand, it must be weighty to fill its vital role in our profession as a primary source journal. It serves as a fountainhead, so to speak, from which other scientific publications draw, so its content is necessarily deep. In this capacity, JAVMA serves as the basis for much of our profession's thinking about today's most critical topics.

But we also realize that a deep resource may not be the handiest reference. Our purpose with AVMA Collections is to identify, streamline, and deliver key information in a new way that provides additional options for our readers.  

Specifically, how does AVMA Collections answer those needs?

First, we organize information by topic, so our readers can zero in on exactly what they need to know more about. Topics are selected to reflect current interests in veterinary practice and public health, such as obesity in companion animals, food supply veterinary medicine, and zoonotic diseases.

Also, each collection is structured for quick reference. A summary provides a brief overview of the collection's relevance to today's challenges, and bulleted highlights of each article are presented in the table of contents, so readers have a good idea before they click whether a particular article covers the information they are looking for.

In addition, the online format allows for short turnaround, so we can be highly responsive to new concerns and issues, and rapidly create new collections to address them.

Last but perhaps most important, we will actively encourage our readers to tell us what topics interest them most. In this way, AVMA Collections will continue to be driven by reader feedback, which is just the way it began.  

Who can access AVMA Collections, and how?

JAVMA readers will be the first to have free access to all of the content in AVMA Collections, with others being able to view articles on a pay-per-view basis. Soon, AVMA Collections will be freely available to those who receive AJVR as well, while those who do not receive JAVMA or AJVR will have the option of subscribing to AVMA Collections.

AVMA Collections will be available beginning April 1 at https://www.avma.org/news/journals/collections/pages/default.aspx.