November 01, 2007


 Cornell starts practitioner-in-residence program

Posted Oct. 15, 2007

The Cornell University Hospital for Animals seeks applicants for a new practitioner-in-residence program.

The program will fund private-practice veterinarians who visit the animal hospital for three to five days per week for periods of two weeks to three months. The program aims to enhance student and faculty understanding of private practice and to enable practitioners to learn the latest medical techniques, technologies, and information.

The program is open to large animal and small animal veterinarians, including veterinarians outside New York. Large animal practitioners will apply to a particular service. Small animal practitioners will spend at least half their time working with students in the Community Practice Service. They may rotate through other outpatient specialties as an observer.

Participants will be able to practice at the animal hospital, attend service rounds, and attend the weekly seminar by fourth-year students. Each participant also will present a seminar on practice management. The program will arrange and pay for housing, parking, and a small stipend.

Applicants should write to Robert W. Kirk Practitioner-in-Residence Application Committee, c/o Dr. William H. Miller, Program Coordinator, Cornell University Hospital for Animals, CVM Box 20, Ithaca, NY 14853-6401; e-mail,

Applicants should describe what they hope to gain from the program, when they wish to be in residence, and the services through which they would like to rotate. Applicants should include a one-page outline of a seminar they propose to offer.

The program has no application deadlines. Additional information is available at