October 15, 2007


 AVMA Web page highlights need for food animal veterinarians

Posted Oct. 1, 2007

The AVMA has launched a new, informational Web page as part of efforts to help bolster the ranks of practitioners in food supply veterinary medicine.

The AVMA is gearing the Web page toward various stakeholders, including practitioners, veterinary colleges, and state and industry associations. The page also will inform the public, government officials, and media about the importance of veterinarians in maintaining a wholesome food supply.

"This Web page will play an integral role in what the AVMA and its many partners believe will be a unified effort in bringing greater public attention to the state of food animal veterinary medicine and what organizations are doing to answer a shortage in the number of food animal veterinarians," said Dr. Lyle P. Vogel, interim assistant executive vice president of the AVMA.

A key component of the Web page is a series of maps for every state that pinpoint the counties with few or no food animal veterinarians. The maps also show populations of food animals at the county level. The AVMA created the maps by analyzing both member records and data from the Department of Agriculture.

The Web page, at www.avma.org/fsvm, provides links to information about programs to attract students into food supply veterinary medicine. The page also links to studies, statistics, and media coverage relevant to the demand for veterinarians in food supply medicine.