October 01, 2007



Posted Sept. ember 5, 2007

Society for Theriogenology


Dr. Patrick HearnEvent: Annual conference, which was held in conjunction with the American Embryo Transfer Association annual conference, Aug. 7-11, Monterey, Calif.
Program: Plenary sessions featured "Relative risks and approaches to biosecurity in the use of embryo technologies in livestock" by Dr. David Stringfellow, and "Influence of the male on embryo quality" by Dr. Peter J. Chenoweth. Information on diseases and factors that affect reproductive performance were provided in equine, food animal, and small animal sessions. Factors that affect the success of embryo transfer in horses, cattle, and other domestic livestock were highlighted. Thirty-four scientific abstracts and six veterinary student case presentations were presented at the conference. A breeder's symposium was held on reproductive diseases and reproductive management of dogs.
Dr. Irwin LiuAwards: Dr. Irwin Liu, Davis, Calif., presented The David Bartlett Honorary Address. Dr. Liu was recognized for his research in equine reproduction and contraception in wildlife. Dr. Liu performed extensive research on zona pellucida immunocontraception. Winners of the Dr. Jerry Rains Memorial Abstract Competition, sponsored by Intervet, were as follows: Dr. Valeria M. Tanco, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, "Dose response to ovulation-inducing factor in llamas," first place ($1,000); Dr. Fernando Campos-Chillòn, Fort Collins, Colo., "Use of bovine oocytes to evaluate in vitro fertilizing capacity of equine sperm," second place ($750); Dr. Joy Altermatt, Fort Collins, Colo., "Effects of age and FSH on collection of equine oocytes and developmental competency after intracytoplasmic sperm injection," third place ($500); and Dr. Christopher Scott Bailey, Gainesville, Fla., "Treatment efficacy of trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole, pentoxifylline, and altrenogest in equine placentitis," fourth place ($250). Winners of the Veterinary Student Case Presentation Competition were as follows: Abigail Casillo, Texas A&M University, "Mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis testes in a stallion," first place ($650); Amanda Ness, Iowa State University, "Biofilm bacteria in porcine semen and the negative effects on reproductive parameters," second place ($525); Brittany Beall, University of Pennsylvania, "XXX rated: the cycling but infertile dog," third place ($450); Krista Cook, Oregon State University, "Canine eugonadotropic hypogonadisms," tied for fourth place ($375); Catherine L. Clinton, Texas A&M University, "Paraphimosis with subsequent scrotal abscess and unilateral orchiectomy in a stallion," tied for fourth place ($375); and Leah Tibbals, University of Florida, "Osteosarcoma of the os penis of a Rottweiler," sixth place ($200).
Business: Branding efforts of the Society for Theriogenology are continuing. The SFT has canceled its contract with Elsevier for publishing of the annual proceedings in the journal Theriogenology. There is discussion regarding creation of a new journal that would provide the proceedings and case reports that involve reproduction. Members were encouraged to contact their congressional representatives regarding several legislative items, including support of funding for the Veterinary Public Health Workforce Expansion Act (H.R. 1232).
Officials: Drs. Patrick Hearn, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, president; Ana Adams, Alpharetta, Ga., president-elect; Thomas Riddle, Lexington, Ky., vice president; Gary Warner, Elgin, Texas, secretary-treasurer; and Peter J. Chenoweth, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, immediate past president. Newly elected members of the board of directors are Drs. Mike Thompson, Holly Springs, Miss.; Dana Bleifer, Woodland Hills, Calif.; and James Schalnaus, Lexington, Ky.
Contact: Dr. Charles Franz, Executive Director, Society for Theriogenology, SFT Association Office, P.O. Box 3007, Montgomery, AL 36109; phone, (334) 395-4666; fax, (334) 270-3399; charles@franzmgt.com; Web site; www.therio.org


American College of Theriogenologists


Dr. Gary NieEvent: Business meeting, Aug. 8, Monterey, Calif., held in conjunction with the Society for Theriogenology annual conference.
New diplomates: The college welcomed 19 new diplomates following successful completion of the certification examination. The new diplomates are Drs. Orsolya Balogh, Ithaca, N.Y.; Charles C. Broaddus, Stillwater, Okla.; Deirdre A. Carver, Naples, Fla.; Soon Hon Cheong, Ithaca, N.Y.; M. Bronwyn Crane, Corvallis, Ore.; Adam C. Eichelberger, Gainesville, Fla.; Annett Heise, Onderstepoort, Republic of South Africa; Aaron D. J. Hodder, Woodland, Calif.; Aime K. Johnson, Auburn, Ala.; Kara A. Kolster, Richmond, Va.; Christianne Magee, Fort Collins, Colo.; Scott D. Pretzer, Abilene, Kan.; Tal Raz, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; David A. Stanford, Mechanicsville, Va.; Daniela Steckler, Onderstepoort, Republic of South Africa; Michael A. Thompson, Holly Springs, Miss.; Brian K. Whitlock, Auburn, Ala.; Robyn R. Wilborn, Auburn, Ala.; and Jeanine A. Woods, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Business: Two manuscripts that originated from the Theriogenology Educators Group were published in peer-reviewed journals. Information on a theriogenology core curriculum also was compiled by the Theriogenology Educators Group and sent to all AVMA-accredited schools and colleges and AVMA-recognized veterinary specialty organizations; feedback on the theriogenology core curriculum information was extremely positive. The ACT Certifying Examination Committee used a new software program to develop the 2007 certifying examination. All ACT diplomates are encouraged to download a copy of the SMT Write program to their computers and use it to submit questions to the examination databank. The ACT executive board has created an ACT Mission Committee. The objective of the committee will be to develop recommendations regarding the mission of the ACT and the future endeavors of the college, including residency training. A call for volunteers will be posted to all ACT diplomates.
Officials: Drs. Gary Nie, Springfield, Mo., president; Ahmed Tibary, Pullman, Wash., president-elect; Charles Estill, Corvallis, Ore., vice president; Travis Meredith, Talboro, N.C., treasurer; Philip E. Prater, Morehead, Ky., secretary; and Margaret Root Kustritz, Saint Paul, Minn., immediate past president. Dr. Rod Christmas, St. Joseph, Mo., was elected to the board of directors.
Contact: Dr. Charles Franz, Executive Director, American College of Theriogenologists, P.O. Box 3065, Montgomery, AL 36109; phone, (334) 395-4666; fax, (334) 270-3399; charles@franzmgt.com. Web site, www.theriogenology.org


American Embryo Transfer Association


Event: Annual meeting, held in conjunction with the Society for Theriogenology and American College of Theriogenologists, Aug. 7-11, Monterey, Calif.
Awards: President's Award: Dr. Larry J. Kennel, Mount Joy, Pa., for outstanding service to the AETA. A 1972 graduate of Michigan State University, Dr. Kennel owns Cornerstone Genetics in Mount Joy. He served as president of the AETA from 2003-2004. Service Award as outgoing president: Dr. Ron Kling, Grantsville, Md. A 1983 graduate of the University of Florida, Dr. Kling owns New Vision Transplants in Grantsville.
Business: Efforts are ongoing to establish and strengthen embryo export protocols for Russia and China. AETA members are developing an import promotional CD in collaboration with U.S. Livestock Genetics Export Inc. The AETA certification program is continuing to grow, and the organization is looking for ways to support research and new applied technologies.
Officials: Drs. David Duxbury, Amery, Wis., president; Byron W. Williams, Plymouth, Wis., vice president; Sam Edwards, Harrogate, Tenn., secretary-treasurer; Ron Kling, Grantsville, Md., immediate past president; and directors-at-large—Drs. Steve Hughes, Lenexa, Kan.; Allen Rushmer, Leola, Pa.; James R. Spears, Franklin, Ky.; Charles Looney, Bryan, Texas; and Richard Whitaker, Turner, Maine