October 01, 2007


 Aquatic veterinarians form association

Posted Sept. 15, 2007

The new World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association held its first general meeting in conjunction with the 2007 AVMA Annual Convention.

Dr. Peter Merrill, who served as WAVMA interim president, said the founding members hope the new association can cater to the needs of the thousands of veterinarians worldwide who work with aquatic animals.

Veterinary services are increasingly in demand from owners of pet and ornamental aquatic animals, the growing aquaculture industry, and government agencies responsible for the health of aquatic animals and seafood safety.

Dr. Merrill said WAVMA can contribute to the entire veterinary profession and will seek liaisons with other veterinary groups, industry, government, and the public.

The new association's interim directors consolidated input from veterinarians in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries to create the preliminary bylaws and structure for WAVMA.

Participants in the new association's first meeting discussed the issues facing aquatic veterinarians and WAVMA before voting on bylaws and officers. See page for the meeting report.