October 01, 2007


 AVMA offers online salary calculator

Posted Sept. 15, 2007

The AVMA now offers a free veterinary salary calculator, available in the Member Resources section of the AVMA Web site, www.avma.org, by clicking on the Jobs bar. The calculator is designed to help veterinarians benchmark their annual incomes against similarly employed colleagues.

Once logged on, veterinarians can enter a variety of search criteria, including employment type, the species that they work with, whether they are owners or associates, and how many years of experience they have.

Along with median salaries, the calculator lists salaries for most categories at the 25th percentile, the 75th percentile, and the 90th percentile.

All information contained in the calculator is drawn from the AVMA Report on Veterinary Compensation. Currently, the calculator lists salary figures from 2005. Once the AVMA completes the survey in 2008 to cover the 2007 salary figures, the data will be updated. All salaries are based on full-time employment. Part-time salaries are not available because of the difficulty in providing consistent benchmarks.