September 15, 2007


 Auxiliary offers capital activities at AVMA convention

Posted Sept. 1, 2007

AVMA AuxiliaryThe Auxiliary to the AVMA welcomed convention attendees to "D.C., a capital experience" with its annual marketplace, auction, and luncheon—along with the return of the Kritters Korner gift shop.

Carleen Corry of Buford, Ga., outgoing president, said the Auxiliary has seen some successes during the past year. Notably, the organization of veterinarians' spouses granted 18 loans at $5,000 apiece to veterinary students at nine colleges.

"Our membership is still a challenge, but we are finding a great deal of interest in the Student Auxiliary from the male student spouses," Corry said.

Corry said the Auxiliary wants to change to meet the needs of modern students and young spouses.

Marilyn McGill of Salt Lake City, incoming president, said the Auxiliary is turning more attention to the Student AVMA Educational Symposium. Her theme for the year is "Jazz up with the Auxiliary," and she hopes to help the Auxiliary attract members from among young men whose wives are studying to be veterinarians.

"My focus is on the younger generation, trying to get them involved in the AVMA as well as the Auxiliary," McGill said.

McGill said the younger generation would like the Auxiliary to provide more of a spouse support group while still offering scholarships for students.

At the convention, the Auxiliary's Marketplace of States and Silent Auction returned in full force after the convention last year in Hawaii—where shipping costs led to a reduction in the scale of the sales. The 2007 Auxiliary marketplace and auction featured one-of-a-kind items such as jewelry, quilts, paintings, and figurines. Proceeds of more than $9,600 will benefit the Student Loan Fund and Auxiliary education projects. Proceeds of $3,760 from the Friends Table will go into the general fund.

The annual luncheon featured The Capitol Steps, a political satire group that performs song parodies and skits. The Auxiliary presented the Presidential Award to Brenda Bullard of Powder Springs, Ga., the immediate past president, and the Distinguished Service Award to Dixie Horner of Memphis, Tenn., also a past president. Hill's Pet Nutrition sponsored the luncheon.

Throughout convention, the Kritters Korner gift shop did a brisk business outside the entrance to the exhibit hall. The gift shop also has a new online store on the Auxiliary's Web site.