September 01, 2007


 Tyson raising chickens without antimicrobials - September 1, 2007

posted August 15, 2007

Tyson Foods is now raising its brand-label chickens without using antimicrobials.

The company will continue using antimicrobials in a small percentage of its poultry flocks to treat or prevent disease, when necessary, but will not include products from those birds under the new brand label.

Tyson started selling Raised Without Antibiotics chicken in response to broad consumer demand, according to the company. Tyson is distributing the product in new packaging to highlight that the company raises chickens without antimicrobial use.

Tyson's market research shows that the higher price of the product is below the additional cost that consumers say they are willing to pay for such products. According to the company, the price increase is less than the premium of most competing niche brands.