September 01, 2007
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September 01, 2007


 Board makes appointments - September 1, 2007

posted August 15, 2007 

The Executive Board named the following individuals to the positions indicated. These veterinarians began serving in their roles at the conclusion of the AVMA House of Delegates session in July 2007. The duration of each term varies.  

Animal Welfare Committee  

American Animal Hospital Association—Dr. Kate Hurley, Davis, Calif.; American Association of Equine Practitioners—Dr. Midge Leitch, Cochranville, Pa.; American Association of Corporate and Public Practice Veterinarians—Dr. Hilton Klein, West Point, Pa.; American Association of Bovine Practitioners—Dr. Max Irsik, Gainesville, Fla.; American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners—Dr. Peregrine Wolff, Corvallis, Ore.; American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners—Dr. Wendy Underwood, Carthage, Ind.; Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges—Dr. Alicia Karas, North Grafton, Mass.; American Association of Swine Veterinarians—Dr. Jerome Geiger, Hendersonville, Tenn.; aquatic animal medicine—Dr. Stephen Smith, Blacksburg, Va.; State VMAs—Dr. Richard Goldston, St. Petersburg, Fla.; and American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives—Dr. Glenn Kolb, Salem, Ore.  

Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Committee

State/federal regulatory veterinary medicine—Dr. Jennifer Strasser, South Bend, Ind.   

AVMA/ASVMAE Joint Committee 

American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives executive board— Charlene Wandzilak, Hershey, Pa.; Dr. Ted Cohn, Lone Tree, Colo.; and Dr. Larry Kornegay, Houston

Committee on International Veterinary Affairs

AVMA Executive Board—Dr. David McCrystle, Healdsburg, Calif.; Council on Education—Drs. James Brace, Knoxville, Tenn., and Joan Samuels, Buellton, Calif.; Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges—Dr. Prema Arasu, Raleigh, N.C.  

Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities

Education of veterinary technicians—Dr. Melvin Chambliss, Alfred Station, N.Y.    

Clinical Practitioners Advisory Committee

American Association of Feline Practitioners—Dr. Lorraine Jarboe, Fort Walton Beach, Fla.   

Disaster and Emergency Issues Committee

Uniformed Services—Dr. Stephanie Ostrowski, Whitesburg, Ga.   

Food Safety Advisory Committee

American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners—Dr. Joan Bowen, Wellington, Colo.  

Member Services Committee

Nonacademic public sector veterinarians—Dr. Marianne Ross, Elkridge, Md.    

Veterinary Leadership Conference Planning Committee

American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives—Mollie Rasor, Raleigh, N.C.  


Liaisons representatives


Alliance for bovine food system health—Dr. Christine Navarre, Baton Rouge, La.; National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy—Dr. Julie Dinnage, Newburyport, Mass.