July 15, 2007


 Elanco to expand with addition of Ivy Animal Health

Posted July 1, 2007

Eli Lilly and Company has signed an agreement to acquire Ivy Animal Health, which offers products primarily for promoting growth in beef cattle.

Ivy will become a unit of Lilly's Elanco Animal Health, which has headquarters in Indiana, though Ivy will continue operating from Kansas.

Ivy started business in 1982 and currently has four divisions. Ivy Laboratories manufactures the company's products and performs research and product development. VetLife carries out marketing, technical services, and sales activities for the company's traditional products for beef cattle. AgSpan manages Ivy's databases as well as programs and services for production management. Ivy Natural Solutions markets the company's products for beef cattle in the natural sector.

Lilly's Elanco Animal Health has existed since 1954. Elanco offers products for cattle, sheep, swine, and poultry.

This year, Lilly also launched a new business group focusing on the health of companion animals. The new group will produce medicines for dogs and cats under the Lilly brand name.