July 01, 2007



Posted Jun. 15, 2007

Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians


Dr. Eric KlaphakeEvent: Annual meeting, April 14-18, New Orleans
Business: The ARAV bylaws will be undergoing a complete review, and new standing committees such as Governance, International, Editorial Board, and Specialization will be added. The ARAV is pursuing a reptile and amphibian specialization within the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners.
Officials: Drs. Eric Klaphake, Bozeman, Mont., president; Jeff Baier, Golden, Colo., vice president; Chris Griffin, Kannapolis, N.C., secretary; Paul Gibbons, Glendale, Wis., treasurer; and Leigh Clayton, Baltimore, immediate past president


Veterinary Orthopedic Society


Dr. Charlie DeCampEvent: 34th annual conference, March 3-10, Sun Valley, Idaho
Awards: Hohn-Johnson Research Award: Dr. Linda Dahlgren, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, for "Adipose-derived adult stem cells as trophic mediators of tendon regeneration." Mark Bloomberg Resident Research Award: Drs. Nicole Amato, Tufts University, for "Ex vivo biomechanical comparison of 2.4-mm unilock reconstruction plate fixation using locking vs standard screws for repair of acetabular osteotomies in the dog;" Jennifer Barrett, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, for "Tendon-derived progenitor cells can differentiate toward multiple lineages;" Jill Luther, University of Missouri-Columbia, for "Investigation of cultured dermal fibroblasts for augmentation of native rabbit cranial cruciate ligaments;" Wendy Ray-Miller, Kansas State University, for "Comparison of anesthetic recovery of horses placed on a rapidly inflating-deflating air pillow or the floor of a padded stall;" Stewart Ryan, Colorado State University, for "Simultaneous versus alternate tensioning of wires in a single ring fixator construct;" and Josh Zacharias, Purdue University, for "Comparison of insertion characteristics of biomimetic hydroxyapatite-coated and uncoated transfixation pins in cadaveric equine third metacarpal bone." Best Poster: Dr. Sean Murphy, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Best Clinical Paper: Dr. Jennifer Swiderski, Colorado State University. Best Basic Science Paper: Dr. Nicole Amato, Tufts University. Best Resident Paper: Dr. Kent Vince, North Carolina State University
Officials: Drs. Charlie DeCamp, East Lansing, Mich., president; Jimi Cook, Columbia, Mo., president-elect; Jeff Godwin, Melbourne, Fla., treasurer; Ron Kettenacker, Abingdon, Md., recorder; and Lucy S. Henney, West Bloomfield, Mich., immediate past president