July 01, 2007



Posted Jun. 15, 2007



The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer recently recognized a number of veterinarians for excellence in technology transfer through their work with the Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service.

The FLC recognized Dr. Luis Rodriguez (COS '79), an ARS research leader, and his team for inventing a special lancet for drawing blood from laboratory mice with little pain to the animal.

An ARS team including Dr. Margaret Oeller (VMR '89), of the Food and Drug Administration's Center for Veterinary Medicine, received recognition for finding that the antimicrobial tylosin can be safe and effective in controlling American foulbrood disease of honeybees.

An ARS team including Drs. Billy Hargis (MIN '86) and Guillermo Tellez (MEX '86), of the ARS Center of Excellence in Poultry Science, received recognition for creating a technology to test and identify potentially beneficial bacteria to be used for treating poultry to reduce human foodborne pathogens.

Dr. David E. Swayne (MO '84), director of the ARS Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory, received recognition as a director of the year.