June 15, 2007


 American Indians to benefit from veterinary technician scholarship

Posted June 1, 2007

7th Generation Community Services Corporation in Titusville, Fla., will award a full scholarship toward a veterinary technology degree to a person of American Indian heritage who cannot afford to go to college.

Through a two-year veterinary technician apprenticeship program, 7thGen hopes to provide someone of American Indian heritage with an opportunity to become certified in a skill that fulfills their desire to work with animals and contributes to the socioeconomic growth of their community.

The successful candidate will earn an associate in science degree in veterinary technology at Brevard Community College in Cocoa, Fla., which is located near the 7thGen offices. Dr. Laura Earle-Imre, program director, is collaborating with 7thGen to ensure the scholarship recipient a spot in the AVMA-accredited program. A 7thGen board member will provide part-time, paid employment in his veterinary practice for the clinical practice component. The program will begin in January 2008.

The scholarship amounts to about $50,000, as it covers educational, living, and related travel expenses. This is the first year of the program.

7thGen encourages submission of applications by June 30. Log on to www.7thGeneration.org and follow the link to download and print the application form or to support the program, or contact Connie Ashworth by phone, (888) 385-0207, or info@7thGeneration.org.