May 15, 2007


 Board approves refined strategic goals

Posted May 1, 2007

As the next step in refining its strategic planning goals, the AVMA Executive Board approved a condensed, prioritized list on recommendation from the Strategic Planning Committee.

At its November 2006 meeting, the board agreed to prioritize the 22 goals it had drafted and approved at previous meetings. The board acknowledged that while each of the goals is important, limited resources require that the Association's efforts be focused.

Subsequently, the board conducted three exercises to prioritize the goals. To foster greater input, the board asked the AVMA House of Delegates to conduct an exercise at which they chose and ranked their top five priorities for the AVMA to accomplish in the next two years. Seventy-two members completed the exercise.

Also, the Strategic Planning Committee provided a summary report that outlined its method and analysis for suggested prioritization and consolidation of the strategic planning goals. The committee then provided the board at its April meeting with a suggested refined list with 17 goals, which the board passed.

By the end of its June meeting, the board will designate from the refined list up to five highest priority goals as the AVMA's strategic goals for the coming Association year.