April 01, 2007


 AALAS Foundation requests proposals

Posted March 15, 2007

The Foundation of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science is requesting grant proposals for an education/outreach program that enhances awareness and understanding of animal welfare and care in laboratory settings or promotes the necessity and benefits of using animals as part of biomedical research.

Proposals must be received by April 15, 2007, to be considered during the foundation's June 10 board meeting. Proposals to be considered during the board's Oct. 13, 2007, meeting must be received by Sept. 15.

Proposals are to focus on a specific population perceived to be neutral to animal-based research but who are opinion leaders within the greater society. Target populations may include science journalists, teachers, and physicians.

Any group with the resources and manpower to develop, implement, and successfully complete its proposed goal is encouraged to submit an application. Information about submission procedures is posted at http://foundation.aalas.org under Grants.

For additional information on the AALAS Foundation, contact John McCutchen, AALAS Foundation staff liaison, at (901) 754-8620 or john.mccutchen@aalas.org.