March 15, 2007


 Bovine practitioners solicit abstracts


Posted March 1, 2007

The American Association of Bovine Practitioners seeks project presentations for the oral and scientific poster sessions at its annual meeting from Sept. 20-22 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The AABP is looking for projects with direct application to the health, welfare, and productivity of cattle in any subject area—including pharmacology, epidemiology, medicine, surgery, economic analysis, pathology, pre-harvest food safety, diagnostics, and health monitoring. Projects may be broadly applicable to the cattle industry or directly applicable to the beef or dairy cattle industry.

Oral presentations by graduate students will be eligible for the Graduate Student Research Summary Presentation competition.

The deadline for abstracts is May 15. After May 15, the AABP will consider abstracts only for the poster session, and late abstracts will not appear in the proceedings.

Drs. Jim Floyd at or Ann Godkin at can answer questions. An electronic submission form is available online at, under Conference.