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Posted Feb. 15, 2007

Joint pathology meetings


Event: American College of Veterinary Pathologists, American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology, joint annual meetings, Dec. 2-6, 2006, Tucson
Program: The ACVP program included pre- and-post-meeting symposia, an emerging disease focus seminar, a joint plenary session, and specialty group sessions. The ASVCP held a premeeting workshop, an education symposium, and clinical pathology scientific sessions.

American College of Veterinary Pathologists


Awards: Young Investigator Award, category of diagnostic pathology, First place: T.P. LaBranche, University of Georgia, for "Polycystic liver and kidney disease in two related Beagles: A proposed pathogenesis;" Second place: I.M. Langohr, Purdue University, for "Vascular-associated lymphoid tissue (valt) in swine;" Third place: K. Maratea, Purdue University, for "Testicular interstitial cell tumor and gynecomastia in a rabbit." Category of toxicologic pathology, First place: J. Lucas, Purdue University, for "Comparison of the mammary gland effects in the female rat of four selective estrogen receptor modulators and dihydrotestosterone;" Second place: S. Clark, Purdue University, "Chronic sublethal microcystin exposure results in proliferation and changes in mitotic gene expression in homozygous p53 knockout mice;" Third place: C. Nam, University of Tokyo, for "Apoptosis in the brain of mouse fetuses by etoposide administration." Category of natural disease, First place: A.R. Pandiri, USDA ARS Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory, Michigan State University, for "Pathogenesis and characterization of subgroup J avian leukosis virus-induced histiocytic sarcomas in meat-type chickens;" Second place: I.D. Pardo, Purdue University, for "Correlation of pituitary histologic findings with adrenocorticotrophic hormone response to domperidone diagnosis of equine pituitary parts intermedia dysfunction;" Third place: W. Sprague, Colorado State University, for "Susceptibility of dendritic cells to feline immunodeficiency virus infection." Category of experimental disease, First place: K.N. Gibson-Corley, Iowa State University, for "The role of B cells in the cell-mediated immune response to Leishmania amazonensis;" Second place: M. Ravi, University of Saskatchewan, for "4 role of Aida-I Adhesin in pathogenesis of E Coli induced diarrhea in pigs;" Third place: D. Garcia-Tapia, University of Missouri-Columbia, for "West Nile encephalitis: Sequential histopathological and immunological events in a murine model of infection." Christopher T. Starost Memorial Oncology Scholarship, First place: B. Zimmerman, The Ohio State University, for "Development of a xenograft mouse model of human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 associated adult T cell leukemia/lymphoma for use in preclinical efficacy and therapeutic studies;" Second place: M.V.P. Nadella, The Ohio State University, for "NF-kappa B and BCL-3 cooperatively transactivate the parathyroid hormone-related protein promoter in adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma." Student Poster Awards: Natural disease: L.K. Schutt, University of Guelph, for "Investigating genetic polymorphisms in canine hepatic cytochrome P450 enzymes; Experimental disease: B. Chaffee, National Institutes of Health, for "Analysis of skin defects associated with an ENU-induced mutation in the p53 binding protein p53bp1." Harold W. Casey Memorial Scholarship: Dr. Jennifer Yearley, Harvard Medical School. Distinguished and honorary members: The ACVP elected Dr. Roger Panciera, Oklahoma State University, as a distinguished member, and Dr. Murray Gardner, University of California-Davis, as an honorary member.


New diplomates: The ACVP recognized 70 new diplomates upon successful completion of the certifying examination in Ames, Iowa, Sept. 20-21, 2006. Certified as veterinary anatomic pathologists were Drs. Timothy W. Affolter, San Diego; Derron A. Alves, Greenbelt, Md.; Anibal G.A. Medianero, Roseville, Minn.; Shelley Beazley, Mattawan, Mich.; Marie-Odile Benoit-Biancamano, Quebec, Canada; Melanie A. Buote, Bryan, Texas; Jennifer A. Chilton, Madison, Wis.; Phaedra I. Cole, Bloomingdale, Mich.; Cheryl A. Cross, Knoxville, Tenn.; Joshua H. Decker, Peoria, Ill.; Taryn A. Donovan, San Diego; Julie B. Engiles, Unionville, Pa.; Mihai I. Gagea, Blacksburg, Va.; Michael Goedken, Mansfield Center, Conn.; Branka Grubor, Manilus, N.Y.; Julius A. Haruna, Pullman, Wash.; Guenther Hoffmann, Madison, Wis.; Shelley P. Honnold, Laurel, Md.; Stuart A. Hunter, Raleigh, N.C.; Binod Jacob, Southborough, Mass.; Anoop M. Kavirayani, Jamaica Plain, Mass.; Laura A. Kennedy, Amarillo, Texas; Robert Klopfleisch, Griefswald, Germany; Jennifer A. Landolfi, Oak Park, Ill.; Karin Y. Lemberger, Country Club Hills, Ill.; Tanya LeRoith, Blacksburg, Va.; Kimberly A. Maratea, West Lafayette, Ind.; Philip L. Martin, Potomac, Md.; Emily K. Meseck, Mooers, N.Y.; Venee I. Morthole, Silver Spring, Md.; Aleksija Neimanis, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; Kimberly Newkirk, Columbus, Ohio; Susan M. Noh, Pullman, Wash.; Jairo E.D.S. Nunes, Bryan, Texas; Jenee S. Odani, Highland, Calif.; Jon T. Painter, Wake Forest, N.C.; Tracey L. Papenfuss, Columbus, Ohio; Marilene Paquet. Quebec, Canada; Ingrid D.R. Pardo, West Lafayette, Ind.; Lucy Phillips, Wilmington, Del.; Joshua Powe, Gainesville, Fla.; Srinivas S. Rao, Bethesda, Md.; David A. Rehagen, Portage, Mich.; Amera K. Remick, Raleigh, N.C.; Barry H. Rickman, East Cambridge, Mass.; Michael Rozmanec, Mona Vale, New South Wales, Australia; Steven D. Rushton, Raleigh, N.C.; Melissa M. Schutten, Madison, Wis.; Manu M. Sebastian, Tifton, Ga.; Mark A. Smith, Germantown, Md.; Deidre E. Stoffregen, Frederick, Md.; Francisco A. Uzal, San Bernardino, Calif.; Heather Walz, Auburn, Ala.; Amy L. Warren, Ithaca, N.Y.; Kimberly A. Whitten, Joppa, Md.; and Tanja S. Zabka, San Diego.

Certified as veterinary clinical pathologists were Drs. Ryan M. Dickinson, Madison, Wis.; Cornelia V. Gilroy, Crapaud, Prince Edward Island, Canada; Maria E. Gorman, Corvallis, Ore.; Kathryn Kewish, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Elizabeth K. Little, Yardley, Pa.; Jonathan Meyer, Hamilton, New Zealand; Mary B. Nabity, College Station, Texas; Valarie A. Pallatto, Sanford, N.C.; Penny K. Patten, Stillwater, Okla.; Heidi G.R. Peta, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; Deanna M.W. Schaefer, Columbus, Ohio; Balazs Szladovits, London, England; and Heather C. Workman, Davis, Calif. Dr. Linda M. Berent, Columbia, Mo., already a diplomate of veterinary clinical pathology, received certification in veterinary anatomic pathology.

Officials: Drs. Mary A. Thrall, Fort Collins, Colo., president; John C. Cullen, Raleigh, N.C., vice president/president-elect; Derek Mosier, Manhattan, Kan., secretary-treasurer; and Paul C. Stromberg, Columbus, Ohio, immediate past president

American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology  

Awards: Young Investigator Award: Lisa Pohlman, Auburn University, for "Classification of 50 cases of feline gastrointestinal lymphoma." Officials: Drs. Christine S. Olver, Fort Collins, Colo., president; Holly L. Jordan, Research Triangle Park, N.C., president-elect; Karen E. Russell, Bryan, Texas, secretary; Sonjia M. Shelly, West Sacramento, Calif., treasurer; and M. Judith Radin, Columbus, Ohio, immediate past president 

Delaware VMA


Dr. Jeffrey BowersoxEvent: Annual meeting, Dec. 13, Dover
Awards: H. Wesley Towers Veterinarian of the Year: Dr. Jeffrey E. Bowersox, Wilmington. A 1994 graduate of The Ohio State University, Dr. Bowersox practices at Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware. He serves as president of the Delaware VMA.
Officials: Drs. Jeffrey Bowersox, Wilmington, president; Kimberly Chappell, Lewes, president-elect; Morgan Dawkins, Wilmington, vice president; Kimberly Gaines, Dover, secretary-treasurer; and Michele Egli, Dover, immediate past president