March 01, 2007


 Upgraded OIE animal health database available

Posted Feb. 15, 2007

The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has launched the World Animal Health Information Database, available at The database provides access to all data within the OIE's World Animal Health Information System. It replaces and substantially extends the former online interface named Handistatus II System, which compiled data from 1996-2004.

The WAHID is a milestone in the organization's efforts to improve the transparency, efficiency, and speed with which animal health information is disseminated around the world.

"(The) WAHID is designed to provide high-quality animal diseases information to all stakeholders, including veterinary services, international organizations, trading partners, academics, the media, and public," said Dr. Karim Ben Jebara, head of the OIE Animal Health Information Department. "All can access and monitor with (OIE) the evolution of animal diseases in one or several countries or regions of the world."

The database provides information from sources such as immediate notifications and follow-up reports submitted by OIE member countries in response to exceptional disease events, six-month reports describing the OIE-listed disease situations in each country, and annual reports providing further background information on animal health, and laboratory and vaccine production facilities.