February 01, 2007


 Tissue repository to advance study of cancer in dogs

Posted Jan. 15, 2007

Three veterinary colleges will collect cancer specimens from dogs for a central tissue repository as part of the National Cancer Institute's new Canine Comparative Oncology Genomics Consortium.

The volume of samples in the Maryland repository will help advance research on cancer in dogs and will enhance efforts to learn more about cancer in humans.

Veterinary centers will collect the tissue and blood samples from companion dogs as part of diagnostic or surgical work-ups. The consortium will make samples from the collection available to researchers by application, subject to a scientific review process to ensure the best use of tissues. Cancer samples will include osteosarcoma, lymphoma, and melanoma.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Colorado State University, and The Ohio State University won the initial bids to collect tissues. The consortium ultimately expects to recruit a total of 10 sample providers, with a goal of collecting samples from 3,000 dogs with cancer over the next three years.