January 01, 2007


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Student AVMA seeks hosts for exchange program

Posted Dec. 15, 2006

Veterinary students around the world need the expertise, wisdom, and time of AVMA member practitioners—according to the Student AVMA's International Veterinary Student Relations Committee.

Each year, dozens of veterinary students from universities across the globe apply for veterinary externship positions in the United States through the International Veterinary Association Hosting Program. A group of SAVMA delegates and members of the SAVMA Executive Committee field applications and place foreign students at U.S. veterinary clinics and hospitals that have expressed interest in serving as host practices.

The ranks of participating veterinarians have slowly thinned in recent years because of retirements, relocations, and lack of recruitment. The SAVMA seeks a national response. Veterinary students worldwide benefit from the clinical experiences they enjoy here—experiences that only veterinarians can provide. Veterinarians have an opportunity to share their knowledge and special skills with future veterinarians from all over the planet.

For an international student to participate, the student must send an application to the international exchange officer of the SAVMA. The officer matches the student with a participating veterinarian on file. Once a practitioner accepts a student, the officer gives the host veterinarian's contact information to the student. The student and host veterinarian arrange the details of the exchange and create an experience that is educational yet comfortable for both participants. The veterinarian also can consider furnishing the student with meals and a place to stay, though students are responsible for travel costs and incidental expenses.

A veterinarian who wishes to become a host can fill out a practitioner participation form here. Additional information about the International Veterinary Student Association Hosting Program is available through the SAVMA Web site at www.avma.org/savma*. For access to SAVMA members-only sections, AVMA members may enter an AVMA identification number and password.

The SAVMA thanks practitioners for their consideration and their involvement with the organization.

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